If I Were President

(My Global Policy would include the following):

Announce to the nation and the world that we on Planet Earth are now connected as a Global Society and can no longer afford to limit ourselves in terms of the divisiveness of national boundaries and ethnic and religious ideologies. It is now time for the healing process and awakening to begin and continue unimpeded… to bring us all together in the process of attaining a higher level of spiritual awareness…

I would say to the nation and the world that we need to begin the process of spiritual healing in a fully cooperative manner so that we as a nation and as a Global Society can tap into the Higher Powers of Spirituality that enables us to find ongoing solutions to Humanity’s ills.

Let the nation and the world know that the National Debt was created not by the consumers of the Economy, but is a result of the reckless spending of war mongers in government and military, together with the power and control ideology of the bankers, CEOs of corporations and the obstructionists in Congress who constantly want to give tax breaks to the wealthy thereby hoarding the money supply that is supposed to benefit everyone…

Let the nation and the world know that the so-called National Debt (of any nation) is not the focal problem that certain people are saying it is and that “constantly worrying about how much something is going to cost” is not very helpful but very detrimental in creating the No-Can-Do attitude that obstructs and prevents serious discussion about solving the real problems.

Let the nation and the world know that a healthy Economy must have a healthy money flow maintained and that is best done by infusing money INTO the Economy instead of cutting Social Programs and Entrepreneurial Energy Technology Funding so that adequate paying jobs are always created and maintained directly.

Over time, this would allow whatever Debt that accumulates to be eventually paid off in a sensible manner through a healthy Fair Taxation Plan. A Fair Taxation Plan would mandate that everyone including the so-called wealthy elite are constrained to pay their fair share with no loopholes allowed. When this happens, even the wealthy elite would benefit through a much greater efficiency in the distribution of goods and services along with a healthier life style and a healthier environment for all…

(My Domestic Policy would include the following):

Let the nation and the world know in no uncertain terms that we as a nation are no longer going to promote off-shore oil drilling and demand that Congress provide the funding necessary to promote AND sustain clean alternative energy technologies development as soon as possible.

This announcement would set the stage to develop and instigate an immediate program to begin phasing out all existing oil drilling, coal mining and other fossil fuel development and simultanesouly create a vast new energy program involving an increase in new employment opportunities to phase into a full all-out effort in clean alternative energy technologies including solar, wind energy, hydrogen storage, electric powered vehicles, water fuel technology and last but not least – Zero Point Energy

State unequivocally that an entirely new Energy Policy will shortly be in the works that will quickly phase out global dependence on fossil fuels, and in its place provide for the development of the most promising and efficient clean alternative energy technologies available, including the Space Energy Access Systems (SEAS) Program, Zero Point Energy, and related high tech clean alternatives.

I would give the go-ahead and financial support to Dr. Steven Greer, staff of the Disclosure Project and others who are in a position to publicly acknowledge and develop prototypes of new forms of energy that have already been developed by the covert government, but have thus far been withheld from public knowledge.

I would strongly urge and mandate Congress to pass priority bills that would continuously provide for sensible financial assistance to all levels of Public Education from K12 through all higher education levels. This ongoing effort would make sure that every issue in the field of Education is attended to adequately, including funding for school infrastructures, a revamp of educational policies including a prioritizing of educational subject material being taught in schools at all levels, a  ramping up of motivational initiatives given to instructors and teachers to excel in their quality of edcation at all levels, and a vigorous and sustainable policy to make education a self improving institution as our world society adjusts to changing conditions.

Bottom line for Education: Make it a Top Priority Policy to ensure that our government does everything in it’s power to financially and motivationally support the highest quality education initiatives for instructors and students alike at all levels, and to never allow education priorities to go unfunded…

While we set that in motion, we will need to face up to and work towards a holistic solution to all of societies ills all at once and not use the tired and worn out “same old – same old” financial band-aid treatments that make everyone think momentarily that we are solving problems since it’s obviously… “far too complicated” to take them on all at once”. Thinking things are too complicated is dysfunctional thinking and lacks imagination and the bold and decisive empowerment needed for enlightened action!

I would strongly urge Congress (both the House and the Senate) to set up and pass a bill that would give immediate financial aid to all who are in danger of foreclosure on their homes in such a way that they and no one else can be forced out of their homes due to default on existing loans.

This same bill would have a provision for all to renegotiate their loans with their bank or lending institution in such a way as to allow and require affordable payments to be made in return for a permanent stopgap on responsible homeowner foreclosures.

I would strongly urge Congress to set up and pass a bill that would help all those who have already lost their homes due to catastrophic loss of income (job loss, medical expense, etc. to negotiate a way to maintain basic food, clothing and shelter until they are able to recover economically in a more substantial manner.

Work towards eliminating tax breaks and other financial windfalls for the wealthy, and channel that money to organizations that help the poor find employment and assistance to their immediate needs of food, clothing, shelter and health care, etc…

I would also begin negotiating a Federal Assistance Employment Program designed in principle like the Peace Corps was set up, but have it work in our own country to offer employment and training for young people to serve from 2 to 4 or more years to help strengthen our country’s infrastructure and services communities instead of being forced to join the military just to have employment.

I would announce a whole new approach to HealthCare Reform by announcing the creation of a (complete public option oriented) National Health Insurance Coverage and Holistic Health Maintenance Program for every man, woman and child in America to be established and put into effect ASAP… to be extended to other nations in a realistic timeline for the purpose of eventually establishing a global network of health insurance and maintenance plans for every person on planet Earth. I would state unequivocably that we as a nation ARE NOT TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT THE COST, because if we do not get this, THE COST OF THE ALTERNATIVE WILL BE FAR AND AWAY…MUCH GREATER!, and then I would explain why that would be the case… on several National Press Conferences in PRIME TIME Television for the entire world to consider.

Announce that I will work with Congress to produce comprehensive legislation that will guarantee employment that truly contributes to the welfare of the nation, and provides adequate income for all who wish to hold a responsible job including a realistic minimum wage allowance for the purpose of providing at least the basics of food, clothing, shelter and health care for every child, woman and man in America – to eventually be extended globally to the entire planet.

Work towards developing and maintaining a Public Works Program to help legal immigrants and others find meaningful employment in projects that work for the common good such as improved work team efforts to aid in agricultural product improvements, climate change initiatives and response during harvest times, improvements to highway and building infrastructure, public housing, environmental protection and cleanup programs, greatly increased and coordinated comprehensive recycling efforts and other projects to preserve our natural resources.

Work for powerful legislation through Congress to protect our environment from further deterioration by pollution and uncontrolled usage of global natural resources.

Work towards a revamp of our criminal justice system so that true justice for every man woman and child in America (eventually to be extended to a global justice system) will soon become a reality.

(My Foreign Policy would include the following):

Announce to the world that our national and world leaders have been under the influence and control by a covert World Government (whimsically referred to as the New World Order), aka Illuminati, Cabal, Secret Government, etc. entrenched in our world society for a long time that continues to plunder from the masses and control the leaders of the masses and stifle any meaningful progress towards a peaceful world society, and that it is now time for we as a people to first recognize that the NWO exists, who they are and then stand up and state to them that we will no longer accept or respond to their energy of fear and deception that prevents true freedom and prosperity to reign on this planet.

Adolph Hitler tried to get control of the world through military force and failed. The NWO is trying to do the same thing clandesinely and covertly through fear and deception, and thankfully they too will fail.

Their means of operation is using global manipulation of money and power, fear and deception and getting many to believe there is a constant and urgent necessity of fighting the so-called terrorists “over there” so we don’t have to fight them “over here”. – (like the Taliban and the Al-Queida for example.

This kind of thinking has kept our nation and world society enslaved for generation after generation, and now we are finally waking up!

Begin a series of Press Conferences and Town Hall Meetings with many state leaders and world leaders to pull back the shrouds of secrecy on all government cover ups including a top-priority peaceful disclosure of the overwhelming and continuing evidence of visitations and presence of benevolent extraterrestrials who wish to join with us in developing a world of peace, cooperation and intergalactic communication with Earth.

I would state unequivocally, that all of our U.S. Military and support personnel will begin an immediate pullout from Afghanistan, with complete withdrawal from Afghanistan to be completed within the next 12 months. This would acknowledge that Afghanistan military and governments would be obligated to provide for their own defense during the phase down, and after all U.S. forces are eventually withdrawn. The plan would have all U.S. forces, civilian contract personnel, women and children and others that want to leave Afghanistan to be unequivocally out of Afghanistan within the next 12 months.

While these efforts are in process, I would begin a series of News Conferences from the Oval Office to be broadcast via television to the population of the entire planet stating that extremely serious errors in judgment were made by our former President and his advisors, and it is now time to call upon the leaders of all nations as well as the leaders of all the so-called terrorist groups to begin the process of global healing through global cooperation.

In these News Conferences, I would state that we are no longer interested in “Winning a “War against Terrorism”, because quite simply, this whole “terrorist” idea has been a sham from the beginning, orchestrated by members of the shadow government known as the Cabal or Illuminati who over generations of time have attempted to set up a totally controlling New World Order to the detriment of the masses and have controlled the leaders of our planet to consistently lie to us to maintain a global environment of fear, hate and frustration for many generations.

Thankfully the Cabal itself is now quite frustrated as they continue to lose their grip and control of the population of planet Earth. Many are beginning to shake off the grip of the dark forces upon their souls and embrace the Light of Truth, and are finally starting to turn their backs on Fear by exercising their Personal Power and Potential for embracing Truth, Love, Justice, Peace and Global Cooperation. These energies are now beginning to take over as replacements for hundreds of years of Cabalistic Tyranny.

I would state that the whole idea of “war” is now quite antiquated for planet Earth, and it is now time to “Dismantle and phase out the tyranny of the Cabal by standing up and saying to them in effect- “You no longer control this planet!”

State my intention to establish a well thought out and comprehensive effort for a GLOBAL PEACE PLAN, to begin immediately, working together with all parties concerned as much as possible, (including members of the Cabal) who finally see the Light of Truth) for Global Peace, Global Justice, Global Trust, Mutual Respect and Recognition of the Economic Needs of all people in every country throughout the world.

Make it very clear to the so-called “Terrorists”, that we no longer fear them, we no longer consider any of them true “Terrorists”, and that we intend to work with them toward the goal of removing any further motivation for hate and revenge by a determined effort to speak and demonstrate the Light of Truth that promises an eventual Paradise World for every man, woman and child on the face of this planet in a relatively short period of time. As stated by Dr. Steven Greer and many others, this is also known as the Golden Age, soon to be upon us.

Make it very clear to everyone that these are NOT “Pie in the Sky musings,” but rather – very realistic goals achievable through global cooperation, mutual trust and economic assistance to the masses (including even the so-called Terrorists). Requirement: A shift in attitude from “No We Can’t” to “YES WE CAN!”… With this shift in attitude, we will undoubtedly win over some of the members of the CABAL to join us and put their energy into something more positive and meaningful for the good of all!

Announce the Spear Heading of a New Campaign for the hearts and minds of the citizens of the United States of America as follows: (to be extended globally as support increases within our own ranks:

Campaign Announcement:

Lightworkers and Lightwingers Wanted!

Now Hiring!

Compensation better than money!

You can Never be Fired!

Unlimited Openings and Benefits including travel arrangements to a Parallel Universe!

Work your own hours!

You can work for the Best Employer in the Universe and still keep your present job!

Great Death Benefits!

Job Satisfaction 24-7!


Understand and accept the 3 simple principles about life and value them 24-7

1. Truth IS all that exists.

2. Light REVEALS all that exists.

3. Love is the PURPOSE for all that exists.

These three principles will be the key to defeating the Dark Workers and helping begin the Golden Age and the arrival of our allies – our extraterrestrial friends who are in the near vicinity of Earth (have been for some time) and are now poised and ready to help us immensely once world events have played themselves out sufficiently.

I am certain…This will happen very soon.

Apply at: www.supremecreator.org

Or: (If unable to connect to the Supreme Creator on line), simply send out your thoughts and take possession of your copy of the 3 simple principles about life and hold fast to them in your everyday living. By doing so you are by definition a Lightworker.

Welcome Aboard!

We are all in this together!

I chose to come here to planet Earth during these challenging times for a purpose.

Let us all discover what our true and unique purpose in life is so that we can help everyone step out of the darkness and into the light of truth and love.

Blessings to all,

All You Need Are Three

All souls who desire peace and prosperity on this planet, please take note – we really need only three tools – (only three are needed to counter the forces of darkness.

These tools are quite effective against the forces of darkness, war and negativity, because all three can logically be classified as weapons of mass construction.

To wage war against the forces of darkness and negativity in our lives, we (as lightworkers) may be called upon in the near future to select any one or all three of these weapons of mass construction to confront the dark workers and support the massive changes that are now taking place on this planet.

Any one of the three can be used to strike against tyranny, power and control, fear mongering, media control, diversions, promotion of false values, confusion, information cover-ups, separation of the masses into divisiveness, political polarity, government gridlock, disarray and disunity, mass consciousness of fear involving real or implied threats, chemtrails, laboratory created diseases and the expensive medications put out by the pharmaceutical companies to cure them, major life disruptions and all other irritations that seem to be pop up out of nowhere in the name of authoritative religious decrees, privileged class amendments to the Constitution, political correctness and increasing corporate control of the masses and the sheep and slaves they employ.

Here are our three choices:


1. The Sword of Truth (our undaunting personal perceptions of everything that is …and all that exists).

Ultimately the powers that now control our planet through manipulation of vast amounts of accumulated wealth will not stand up to the Sword of Truth because we (the Lightworkers en masse) can and will use this weapon to state in no uncertain terms to these misguided and maligned souls that there is a much greater purpose in life than the manipulation of money – issues they presently do not know about or have forgotten.

There is a much greater purpose that transcends any of their threats of death or physical and emotional harm and distress they can come up with to threaten us with in order to maintain their power and control.

Once they begin to realize that we are not afraid of them or any of their threats of inconvenience, loss of property, loss of freedom, physical death, dire mental and emotional pain or discomfort, all the while knowing full well they cannot harm us SPIRITUALLY in any way, shape or form, then they will come to know that we will never succumb to disregarding higher truth in order to satisfy them and become part of their plan.

They will soon come to know that their days of playing head games with their weapons of fear as dark workers are truly numbered and the phase out of their philosophy is imminently at hand.


2. Beams of Brilliant White Light – (This is simply electromagnetic wave energy at many different frequencies that reveal all that exists).

By using the weapon of Light to reveal Truth, we (as Lightworkers) offer the forces of darkness a choice and an ultimatum:

They can ignore us and eventually pay the inevitable karma that comes with continuing their lives of deceit and false values in an effort to continue their oppression and power and control over the masses, or…

They can join us, (the Lightworkers), and disassociate from the dark to begin absorbing truth, and begin sending out the light of truth to others so that they – the souls of darkness) finally discover the Truth about life and humanity’s common purpose.


3. The Free Gift of Love Energy exchange that is easily revealed as the purpose for all that exists.

By offering the dark workers these choices involving love energy:

They can continue in their deceitful ways that lead to destruction and death of themselves and others, or…

They can join us (the Lightworkers) in responding to love energy (which is simply the energy of attraction to all that is beautiful), so that they (the dark workers) can discover a much greater purpose in life far grander than their misguided mindset of self-satisfaction that power and control brings to them temporarily.

Only then will they have the opportunity to see for themselves the results of what love energy can do – to bring to their lives that which is astronomically and vastly more preferable and beautiful than they ever dreamed possible.

We as lightworkers can use any or all of three of these weapons of mass construction to confront and defeat the dark workers of negativity and all those that would try to negate everything beautiful in life.

Does it not makes sense as our goal – To confront the forces of darkness, the Cabal, the Illuminati, the Black Ops, the oppressive dictators and their tyrannical military and government rule – and even stand up to the corporate mindset of micro-managers who control much of our employment opportunities and our finances – who so far have responded as a privileged class in their accumulation of wealth, power and control at the expense of everyone else, thereby keeping the masses they employ in virtual states of meekness and slavery relative to their true potential?

Yes, I know we should all be thankful if we still have a job, but from a higher perspective, most if not all of us are still slaves to the establishment.

Truly it is a worthy goal – to confront them all – (no fear required) using only the three weapons of mass construction (construction of a new world society based upon Truth, Light, Love, Peace, Global Cooperation, Freedom from want, Freedom from ill health, Freedom to love all that is beautiful in life, and Freedom to mass construct the Golden Age – a world where all souls are equal, all are free, and all are loved for whatever aspects of beauty each one has and can offer to all others in their own unique way.

Can anyone deny that it is a worthy and achievable goal – (thankfully already in progress now) with the help, inspiration and encouragement from our sisters and brothers from other places in this Supreme Creator’s Universe – who have already achieved their own equivalent of a sustainable Golden Age on their planets and are now cooperatively standing by near our planet – our spaceship Earth, patiently waiting and watching for a sign from us – that we as Lightworkers the world over are making significant progress to enable them (our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters) to feel welcome to come down to meet us and introduce themselves to a world longing for a magnificent transition?

Like the cab company says…

All you need are Three!

In Truth, Light and Love



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