What Is A Lightwinger?

My new political alignment is called Lightwinger…Actually I might be better known as a Lightwing Extremist…Why?…

Because when it comes to politics, I tend to LEAN extremely far and away from the rightwing and leftwing agendas to make a bee-line straight TO THE LIGHT! thus becoming a lightwinger by definition!

A Partial List of a Lightwinger’s Political Philosophy:

1. Phase in a new comprehensive Constitution (keeping all the good points of the U.S. Constitution and adding some Common Sense Initiatives) that involve the rights of the entire population of the planet and not just the “privileged few” in the United States of America.

2. Provide for an entire makeover of U.S. Energy Policy that would aggressively pursue ALL renewable clean energy technologies including solar, wind, hydrogen storage, electric vehicles, water fuel vehicles and zero point energy prototypes, etc. while simultaneously phasing out ALL dependence on fossil fuels starting with Big Oil. (Immediately stop all funding for Big Oil Drilling and provide diversion of that money and any additional money necesary to secure adequate funding for Renewable and Free Clean Energy Alternatives instead.

3. Provide adequate funding for all education initiatives at all levels with a complete makeover of public education that would establish new priorities for grades K12 and beyond including an emphasis on Developing Healthy Social Attitudes and Interactions with Others, Anger Management, Avoidance of Harmful Drug Abuse and Alcohol Dependency, etc. and other social benefit programs designed to reduce and eliminate dysfunctional behavior in our world society. This makeover would also provide adequate emphasis on all the priorities required to keep a healthy balance in a complicated technological, social and economic network throughout the world.

4. Provide a Universal Health Care Insurance Program that gives at least some basic coverage to everyone, and although it should be mandatory (just like car insurance is mandatory to protect the general public from excessive costs due to the burden of the uninsured)…it should be made truly affordable for everyone with premiums proportional to one’s income. This all-encompassing Universal Insurance Program for all would be subject to common sense improvements over time, and made to make it even more efficient and workable as new information is assimilated…

5. Provide an Economic Umbrella for every world citizen to at least have the 4 essentials of life: Food, Clothing, Shelter and Basic Health Care. This Umbrella would provide money for anyone with a true economic need (such as the jobless, the homeless, no more foreclosure of homes to be allowed) for example, and would encourage a balance in our world society to eliminate or reduce the class system where the enormous inequality between the haves and the have-nots is forcibly maintained. That inequality has to completely disappear over time as the new economic system takes hold and proves itself far and away Superior to the dysfunctional Class System of the Haves and Have-nots that the dark forces have been so determined to keep in place to control us all.

6. Immediately pull out all support for wars and cease participation no matter what the perceived threat of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc. might be to try to keep us enslaved in fear. Instead…Continually provide a customized Win-Win Solution to every perceived enemy (including the Taliban, Al Qaeda, China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, etc. etc. until they FINALLY GET IT…and work it out so that everyone benefits and commits to no more war on this planet…ever! This Win-Win solution to each perceived enemy would of course include the requirement that EVERYONE commit to verification that basic human rights are preserved and protected for EVERY nation’s citizens.

7. Declare that all world citizens are to be respected for whatever belief system they have or wish to have as individuals, and that NO NATION should be allowed to FORCE ANY RELIGION or LAWS on their citizens. Along with this, it is everyone’s basic human rights to be free and these freedoms must be preserved, honored and maintained as an individual and as a nation. This goes for the United States and every other nation on Earth.

8. Respect for everyone’s basic human rights needs to be adhered to by every man, woman and child on the face of the planet. This includes respect and non-interference for every religion, philosophy, political ideology and culture…Everyone’s belief system is valid and needs to be respected regardless of how erroneous it may seem.  We all need to commit to having an open mind and encourage everyone to collaborate or compromise if necessary so that all significant social and economic issues can be attended to for solutions to the world’s critical problems.

9. Provide for Immediate Disclosure of the existence and presence of UFOs and the associated reality of Benevolent Extraterrestrial Races on and near planet Earth and remove all fear of the consequences of Disclosure so that we can work with these ET Races for a new world and a much higher level of spirituality and technological advancement…

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