* All Money is Created as ECUs (Electronic Currency Units) by Local Banks.

  * No Money is issued to anyone other than reliably employed workers .

  * No Money could be transferred to ANY other person or business.

  * A Network of Local Banks could expand to a Universal Money Standard.

  * ECUs could be called SHAROs instead of Dollars for example.

  * All workers (worldwide) would be given an Employee status.

  * All Employees would be paid appropriate Wages regularly & automatically.

  * All traditional money would eventually become obsolete and discarded.

  * No taxes of any kind would ever be required by anyone in ShareFlow.  

  * All Products and Services would sell using 100% Non-Profit operations.

  * Appropriate Universal Single-Payer Healthcare would be guaranteed to all.

  * All Public Education would be free for everyone at any age level.  

  * ECUs in circulation would be used only once and then archived.

  * All Products and Services would be value priced fairly and equitably.

  * Only Employment types for the Common Good would be supported.

  * Everyone could choose a type of work best suited for their need.

  * 100% Renewable Clean Energy would be used in all operations.

  * No one would or could ever go into debt since debt cannot exist.

  * Political money, poverty and homelessness would all disappear.

  * SHARO ECUs could become a global & universal monetary standard.

  * All beneficial enterprises would be given adequate monetary support.

  * All ShareFlow operations would be 100% transparent to the public.

The Universal Currency ShareFlow Network

A direct overhaul of a sick world economy should begin with the adoption of the first of the eight subsystems of SANE known as the Universal ShareFlow Electronic Currency System (USECS), simply referred to as ShareFlow.

It would be designed to maintain a continuous supply and a healthy flow of currency throughout a hypothetical 256 world nation state economy (explained in my website page entitled SANG Government.

By disallowing any hoarding of funds by any individual, business, corporation or government, it would respond efficiently, fairly and proportionately to the needs of the entire extent of the world’s population.

All SHARO currency and currency accounts (worldwide) would reside within the ShareFlow System and never need to transfer outside of the ShareFlow Network.

SHARO electronic currency units would be approved for allocation from a local ShareFlow Network Bank Account to each local employee’s  personal Savings Account within the Bank for ongoing monthly wage payments.

Wages would be pre-approved for all eligible employees having their accounts with the Bank, thus employees would be paid locally according to their approved employee status as workers for any company in the local district.

There would never be any deficit or overspending because ShareFlow would disallow any drift towards inflation, recession, depression or other economic imbalance.

As a result, there would always be the correct amount of funding going to whoever needs and deserves it resulting from their employment status, and totally independent of  profits from any individual, business, corporation or government.

There would be no taxation of any type at any time since there would always be an endless supply of new currency created and allocated by the ShareFlow Banking Network residing in each local ShareFlow Bank.

All social services would be provided for according to the priorities of human need.

With ShareFlow, credit would never be extended or needed since the system would automatically prevent anyone from going into debt.

Everyone would be compensated adequately for all goods and services rendered no matter what their station in life may be.

The Universal ShareFlow SHARO Distribution would be the all-encompassing and comprehensive system that works efficiently by automating all global monetary transactions for earning and spending.

Instead of credit cards or checkbooks, the USECS would automate transactions using Electronic Currency Units (ECU)s and archive them within ShareFlow in a special Currency Archive Account after they are used only once for a transaction.

Every citizen would own one or more personal Account Monitors and a SHARO Account Debit Card replacing cash, credit cards and check books, etc. for transferring an appropriate number of SHAROs from their personal savings account in much the same manner as an ordinary debit card is used today.

But in ShareFlow operations, the customer’s SHAROs are deducted from their personal savings account in their local ShareFlow Bank Account to a corresponding account in ShareFlow that deactivates that amount of SHAROs taken from the customer.

They are then taking out of the economic flow for placement into a corresponding ShareFlow Archive Account for later use in research and development of economic activity that would be monitored continuously by the ShareFlow System.

Ant business doing any transaction as a purchase of a product or a service by a customer has only one responsibility in sales (no matter what the products or services may be).

That responsibility is  to make sure each transfer (within appropriate ShareFlow accounts) occurs timely and securely.

Since the business does not have to keep track of profits which no longer exist or are necessary anyway, each business thrives automatically because every employee of the business is automatically paid in wages by ShareFlow in separate transactions.

The entire SANE Economy would use backup capabilities and foolproof redundant code transactions to disallow any possibility of hacking of accounts.

Every transaction would be recorded with the code numbers of both the buyer and seller and would be redundantly available within all local banks in the Universal Network that exist globally to redundantly track any error or attempted hack.

The whole concept of the SANE Economy would be based upon the simple supposition that whoever deserves a specific amount of money receives it, and whoever does not deserve any specific allocation of currency will not get it unless they earn it or are set up to earn it legitimately.

Within ShareFlow, The Universal Electronic Currency Units called SHARO are strictly Non-Transferable, thus disallowing any funds through investments, interest, leverage or other non-productive means.

Since ShareFlow is owned, controlled and managed by the Shareholders (the people who hold Savings Accounts within the ShareFlow Banking System), the entire Operations of ShareFlow and the SANE Economy remain Totally Transparent to any citizen who wishes to monitor security and fairness of operations at any and all times.

Local Banks would handle only two types of transactions: Wages and Sales 

     1. Automatic payment of Wages to all employee savings accounts

     2. Automatic Debit of employee savings accounts for each purchase of either a product or a service.

     The purpose of each local ShareFlow Bank would be to manage and allocate Wages into each Employee Savings Account for performance as a responsible worker for the Common Good in the job or profession of his or her choice.

     ShareFlow would also manage all debits to Employee Savings Accounts whenever an Employee acts a Consumer to purchase any product or service (anywhere) in the world…

     ShareFlow can operate smoothly, easily and securely, since it would use only SHARO ECUs as the Universal Monetary System totally independent of any nation’s conventional money of any type or denomination.

     ShareFlow would operate in complete Transparency to all participating members because each participant (employee) would also act as a shareholder and thus all shareholders together would “own” the entire operation for full scrutiny and review of operations at all times.