If you want to write a good book, do the following;

     1. Selective your Passion and tell YOUR Truth

     2. Tell ONLY Your Truth, not what you hear from others

     3. Organize your thoughts in a logical, consistent and convincing manner

Do this and don’t worry about the outcome to follow, your duty is complete, and that was the purpose in the first place – to write YOUR truth, and if that is all that is accomplished, it alone can change your life significantly, whether or not anyone else reads it.

Give no energy to and accept nothing into your conscious awareness today that will short-circuit your sense of calmness and well-being that God is in Charge of all that happens. If something that you see or hear does not resonate with your soul’s sense of worthiness, consider ONLY the new information you may see or hear from the mainstream media, Internet or Facebook, having the signatures of truth, light and love inherent in its motivation and in its offering… 

The so-called “evil” people in this world are being influenced and in many cases taken over by the dark spirits…our true enemy…I think we need to recognize that and stand firm in our personal spiritual energy surrounded by truth, light and love…our 3 weapons of mass construction…and the only weapons we need to “fight” fear and deception…the weapons of the dark spirits, the off-planet entities who have not only caused untold misery on Earth…but are soon to be vanquished from planet Earth…Hint: This is NOT based on any religious conviction, but rather logic, powerful inner feelings and backed up to a certain extent by science…

When “constitutionality” always “trumps” common sense in political discussions just because it is arrogantly burned into our consciousness to be the one and only baseline to determine allowable laws for citizens of the United States”…me thinks their are arrogant flag-wavers in the land who have lost their credibility…and their imagination to perceive the higher good…I prefer to base my belief in the credibility of laws, beliefs and actions of the Constitution of the Supreme Creator Source – founded on the eternal principles of Truth, Light and Love – that trumps anything we humans can ever devise…

A complicated problem may be best solved by coming up with a monumental all-inclusive one-step solution!…Why? …Because if you define too many small steps, you will probably get hundreds of naysayers descending on you prior to each step, saying it’s impossible, too difficult or too expensive. Start solving the problem all at once and you get the same naysayers descending upon you ONLY ONCE!… prior to the unfolding of the solution…

I’m working on a new book…It’s a fiction novel and it has absolutely no four-letter words included anywhere…I am making sure I use ONLY three-letter AND five-letter words throughout the story, thereby avoiding any four-letter words…

To all Atheists: Logic has determined the existence of at least one God, one SuperGod and one SuperDuper God!…Which God do you prefer NOT to believe in?

The most important truths in life are those accepted with an open mind, and certainly not necessarily the ones accepted by the majority opinion!…

Before you criticize someone you disagree with, perhaps it would serve you well to pause and consider a higher perspective regarding the topic of discussion.  Is there a higher truth perhaps you (or both of you) are missing?

Have you heard any RightWinger come up with a topic of conversation besides Money, a Vengeful God, The Constitution, The Flag, Guns, Family Values or A Legal Issue?…………………………………Me Neither!

 This Just In… Scientists at the CERN Partcle Accelerator Laboratory in Switzerland have confirmed the existence of the God Particle – The Higgs Boson that holds everything together in the Universe and creates mass.  This has led to an astonishing theory on the part of some of their colleagues that there must be an anti-particle to the Higgs Boson that attempts to dismantle and tear everything apart in the Universe and create confusion…       Physicists have dubbed it the Political Boson. They know it exists because they see unmistakable tracks of it in many of the ads and social media comments attacking Obama. If they find the Political Boson in the laboratory, they will rename it in honor of a former U.S. President apparently still residing somewhere in Texas. The newly discovered Political Boson may then be referred to as a BB.



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