Disclosure of UFOs

When we think about disclosure it can mean many different things depending upon our personal and prior experience with the use of the word.

In my experience however, I think mostly about two different, but related areas of consideration, namely –

1. Disclosure of government and corporate secrets that have been the basis for our partial slavery as a world society for generations… and

2. Disclosure of the mountains of evidence held back by the governments of the world regarding the presence of extraterrestrial craft and their occupants visiting our planet for many centuries.

Are these two issues related, and if so – Is this information very significant?

The answer is yes and yes!

Addressing the first issue, it is not too difficult to¬† see that our hard times are associated with the latest scheme involving division of our world society into the two proverbial classes of economic status known as the “haves” and the “have nots”.

Obviously, there are many ways to interpret which category you fall into and there are many ways to consider how those two general categories can overlap.

But considering the wide disparity between the various groups in the world that either have a lot more wealth than they need and the numerous masses interspersed throughout society that are struggling for just the basics, we get a clear picture of the difference between the “haves” and the “have nots”.

It has become crystal clear that there are forces that are constantly polarizing these two groups, with the majority residing in the “have nots” designation.

The reason: The mind set of the “haves” is to discourage cooperation to solve problems so that their short term welfare and self-interests can be satisfied. Those with the money, power and control over others cannot understand the simple fact that life would be ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE better for themselves and everyone else if they would simply work together with the “have nots” to make it happen.

Now the first category (Act 1) of Disclosure that has to happen involves the dismantling of government, corporate and media secrecy that has essentially kept all of humanity on this planet in darkness and limitation for untold generations.

Just like bloodclots in a living organism lead to great distress, disease and eventual death of an organism, MONEYCLOT has strangled most if not all of the beneficial projects at every level of our social structures ever since the dark forces began their tyrannical campaign ages ago to subtly undermine dissent of their clandestine and despotic rule.

Now we live in a world characterized by vast government secrecy in the name of “national security”, when really, the security they are talking about is simply their fear of being discovered and brought into public view to be seen in their true colors – their supression, manipulation and control of the masses through constant bombardment of the masses through the media with fear and deception to keep us “acceptably satisfied” in the name of national security.

The CABAL has effectively controlled all of our social institutions for generations. They continuously control the media to a great extent, and obviously want to constantly supress and censor all news that does not support their mission of power and control.

Our government has bought into the philosophy of fear that says – “We have to be constantly afraid of the “terrorist”s and therefore we have to constantly fight and “eliminate” them before they hurt us.

But in their mindset, our leaders fail to recognize that escalation against “terrorism” only exacerbates the problem.

They fail to recognize that there is a better way…a much better way INDEED!

That way is to be a good listener for a change, listen to the plight of the “terrorists” and get to understand their motivations. By doing so, we have a good chance to collaborate on a win-win (no matter what the problems are), and eliminate the lose-lose continuum of war and threats of war.

Talking about escalation – If the “terrorists” don’t listen, instead of escalating with guns and weapons, we need to escalate with TRUTH, LIGHT and LOVE! until they eventually “get it.” And in doing so, maybe we will actually “get it” as well…make sense?

Yes – many of the “terrorists” act that way in the name of religion, so obviously they have a mindset that says “their way is the only way”.

War is a failure of Imagination. It is our responsibility to find an alternative to war through use of intelligent imagination and listening to where the “other guys” are coming from.

So Disclosure Act 1 has to do with the elimination of fear based policies, total elimination of government secrecy, standing up to SECRET GOVERNMENT – THE CABAL, and to the rest of the world saying we no longer fear death, because freedom to understand and embrace TRUTH, LIGHT and LOVE transcends all fear and death .

It is our responsibility to present the win-win solution to all problems -A down to earth and straightforward discussion of TRUTH, LIGHT AND LOVE with our “enemies”, the “terrorists of the world”, the criminals of the world, the mentally ill of the world, the arrogant leaders of the world, the wealthy and the powerful, the sick, the homeless and downtrodden, and yes the leaders of the CABAL themselves.

The three basic principles of TRUTH, LIGHT and LOVE will solve all problems ever presented to humanity- past. present and future.

Until our leaders are willing to do this, we will continue to have status quo, and a road leading to nowhere.

If our leaders continue to escalate using fear and deception, then we the people will have to rise up against them and fight them and the “terrorists” with TRUTH, LIGHT and LOVE

Now for ACT 2 of the classic world shaking event of all times – DISCLOSURE of UFO’s and extraterrestrial presence!

DISCLOSURE of Extraterrestrial Presence on and near our planet and why it’s so important to be ready to welcome them when they are finally ready to present themselves officially to us is the number one challenge of our times and perhaps of all time since the dawning of civilization on planet Earth-

Think about it! We are privileged to be on the cusp of the greatest event in the history of humanity on planet Earth. Think for a moment of the reaction around the world when…our President, Congress, and the media finally report to the world that extraterrestrials are here and they wish to talk to us.

Think about the reaction around the world when finally…ET’s land in a fully protected environment and where their craft can be seen and photographed and displayed on television in official News Broadcasts that the Corporate Controlled media is forced to comply with!

Think about the reaction around the world when some of the representatives of the GalacticFederation appear on worldwide TV in a series of broadcasts that allow them to speak to us in English in such a way that there can be no doubt that this is the real thing.

Proof of authenticity will be in their demeanor and their spirituality that cannot be dismissed!. They will speak the TRUTH in LIGHT and LOVE for all of humanity to witness.

Now a lot of you will be saying to yourself at this point …”In your dreams”!

Well maybe that’s exactly what it will take to make it happen, because we (the consciousness of all of humanity will be the deciding factor as (not to if) but to when the official landings and introductions take place.

I am not a prophet and I do not claim channeled information from anyone. All I can say is …it’s just a feeling, a very strong feeling that this will come about relatively soon.

I do hope that it will happen in my lifetime but WHEN it happens will depend directly upon how quickly we can generate a critical mass of spirituality on this ball of water and rocks called Earth.

That will be the deciding factor, because it is very evident that they would like to come down to introduce themselves as soon as we are ready.

They have been trying to encourage us to be ready and be prepared for the greatest leap ever in the consciousness of the human psyche. You, I and millions upon millions of others called lightworkers will decide collectively when they can appear officially and introduce themselves.

Official Disclosure of not only the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrials (who are very much like us physically by the way) seems poised to happen soon, but the leaders of nations seem much too afraid to face this momentous reality out of fear of “having to be the one to make the announcements” and their unfounded fear of public reaction.

It’s the fear thing again…buying into the idea that the public must be “protected” from anything that would upset the status quo in the name of national security.

Truly, we need to take a hard look at what Disclosure of ET presence really means to us, and what it truly means to our future.

Hey!…we’re overdue for some good news. Let’s be the harbingers of the good news as Lightwingers & Lightworkers that Disclosure of the Existence of ETs and their imminent interaction with us seems readily poised for manifestation, and most importantly, that we have a certain amount of say as to WHEN that will actually occur.


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