Principles Of Existence

Truth, Light and Love

Truth is…the total extent of everything that exists, and simply (ALL that exists).

Light REVEALS ALL that exists.

Love is the PURPOSE for ALL that exists.

Starting with these three principles as the foundation of our existence, let us take a closer look at their true significance and perhaps gain a bit of insight as to why these three are the only things that really matter!

The nice thing about all three is that they work together, are inextricably inseparable, and perhaps most important of all..relative to each person’s understanding.

Since none of them would exist at all exist except to the perception of each soul’s conscious awareness, then that means that every person’s perceptions of them are equally valid.


Truth is information that our mind records and categorizes for the purpose of making decisions on how to act.

There are many kinds of truth, but they all have one thing in common – they are all relative to the one who perceives it.

To name just a few well-known examples, we have:… courtroom truth, corporate truth, politically correct truth, media truth, male truth, female truth, little children’s truth, conservative truth, liberal truth, oppressive dictator’s truth, benevolent leader’s truth, “terrorists”truth, the CABAL’s truth, truth as seen by the oppressed, truth as seen by the mentally ill, alcoholics’ truth, various religion based truths, extremists truth, psychotic’s truth, benevolent benefactor’s truth, employees’ truth, management’s truth, urban truth, rural truth, fame seekers’ truth, wealth seekers’ truth, and all the various truths as experienced by every special interest group that ever lived on this planet called Earth!

– You get the picture! The various perspectives on truth are endless, yet they are all relative to the observer and the one who experiences “their truth”.

Every form of life – yes every conscious entity in the Universe has their unique “sphere of truth” which is simply the total content of every perception of existence they believe in or are aware of – consciously or subconsciouly at any given moment.

The point here is that when we consider every unique sphere of truth as a separate entity, we can realize several interesting qualities about “spheres of truth”.

For example – Every sphere of truth has a radius of limitation, yet every sphere of truth is capable of expanding that radius as the awareness of new truth is allowed to enter. In doing so, the radius of any sphere of truth naturally gets “bigger.”

Another quality that every unique sphere of truth has is that it likely overlaps and shares in common many aspects with other unique spheres of truth.

Picture two soap bubbles that adhere to one another. Often we see this phenomena where there is a surface at their juncture, and thus part of each bubble appears to exist and share a certain amount of space with the other in a common domain between the two of them.

The good news about all this is that there is NO absolute truth nor should there be a necessity for it!

Even the SUPREME CREATOR does not claim Absolute Truth even though God’s Sphere of Truth may seem absolute to many religious and faith based individuals.

Every sphere of truth is relative to the unique perceptions of the individual who observes it, and each is capable of expansion whenever new truth is allowed to be observed from a higher perspective.

The capacity for expansion of truth is infinite, and that goes for all of us no matter who we are, what limitations we now hold or don’t hold and what station in life we have arrived at – at any given moment.

Every soul is simultaneously a Creation and a Creator. A Creation is a product of a higher intelligence, and a Creator is a consciousness that is constantly striving to produce something better and more BEAUTIFUL.

And that goes for our Supreme Creator God as well!

Evidence the Big Bang, when at that moment billions of years ago, the Supreme Creator decided to Create something ever more beautiful than He and She had ever imagined or observed before!

In general, the “something better and more beautiful” that any conscious soul aspires to at any given moment could be simply relief from a stressful situation, or it could be an epiphany of spiritual enlightenment.

Wouldn’t it make sense to say “It is always desireable to create something BEAUTIFUL as opposed to “unbeautiful”?

If so, why is it that we live in a world of mixed qualities? Who created so many”unbeautiful” things in life….and for what purpose?

Could it be that we have to experience both so that we learn to appreciate the BEAUTIFUL?

Could it be that all the “unbeautiful” things in life are simply products of limited perception and somehow exist out of range of the higher perspective of TRUTH?

We in “civilized society” see the products of “terrorism” as being very “unbeautiful” and rightly so, because when we view reality from a higher perspective, there are so many “other things” we see that far outshine the limitations of life that “terrorism” and despotism that the dark forces have imposed on the masses.

Indeed, we see the evidence that life could be so much more “beautiful” when everyone can work together to solve problems and work for the good of all – something the “terrorists” and the true terrorists – (the CABAL) cannot ever understand while they maintain their self-imposed mindset of power and control.

Consider the classic example of an elephant depicted by 3 blind men as a good analogy to set the tone for describing how TRUTH evolves as our perspectives gain traction.

One blind man grasps the elephant’s tail and says the elephant is much like a rope. The 2nd blind man touches the side of the elephant and describes the animal as similar to a rugged wall surface. The 3rd blind man touches the elephant’s front leg and says that the elephant is just like the trunk of a tree.

You get the picture! Simple example and the obvious point of this is that all three descriptions of “truth” personally experienced by each of these three blind men are equally valid and to a certain extent “of equal value”!

Each is more or less equally valid in describing what they have personally experienced about a much greater truth that they (as separate individuals) were not able to experience.

Obviously if all three blind men were to collaborate on their experiences of “elephant truth”, they would all get to know a greater truth that none of them had previously perceived on their own.

Now fast forward to our present state of world affairs. The “elephant” on planet Earth today could represent a lot of things, but let’s say it represents something called: “The Potential for a Paradise World!”

Right away we can see the picture. To make a long story short, each faction of our society and each special interest of our society, not to mention each world leader, each corporate CEO and everyone that aspires to create something they see as BEAUTIFUL from their perspective alone will be “all over the map” regarding their vision of personal Truth.

Obviously each will see it much differently and probably no one will see the complete vision that would be necessary to actually create the complete hologram of peace, freedom from want, love, health, intelligence, wisdom and freedom from fear that most if not all……. can agree is truly BEAUTIFUL!

Is there anyone that can see this granddaddy of all”elephants of truth”… from all angles and from all perspectives at a high enough level to get the complete picture?

I suggest that many of the higher powers can! I suggest that the Supreme Creator God can! And I suggest that if eveyone on Earth could pool their resources, their knowledge, their vision of the”elephant”…they could also!

Limited as it may be on a personal level, nevertheless working together we will make it happen – when all our separate pieces of truth are put in place to make it happen!

That is what the lightworkers are now doing! Each has his or her piece of the puzzle, his or her perspective of the “elephant”, that if all were put together would simply make the super hologram known as the transformed surface world of Gaia …called Earth into a world of peace, freedom from want, unlimited health, opportunies and resources for all in an environment of TRUTH, LIGHT and unlimited LOVE!

That is what we the Lightworkers of the world are now engaged in – to bring the “elephant” of Peace and the Potential for a Paradise World into full view as a super hologram put together by all the pieces of Truth as seen by each individual who can contribute their part – large or small as their priceless gift to humanity at large and to themselves personally as well!

Brother and Sister Lightworkers, Let us all commit to that goal and make that super hologram elephant of a transformed society a physical and spiritual reality for every woman, child and man on the face of the planet.

All you need to do for your part is to say to yourself- “Yes That is the Beauty I wish to Create” and by doing so and committing to it, you will be guided to do your part and provide your contribution large or small – as your priceless piece of that super hologram.

Your part in the play begins NOW!



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