What Is A Debunker?

A Debunker is one who descends from the top level of a bunk bed called TRUTH and descends into the lower level of that bed known as DISTRACTION.

Those who delight in “proving” that the science involving reports of UFO sightings by credible witnesses are nothing but illusions or mistaken identity involving “logical explanations” and “natural phenomenon” are also called “DeBunkers” because they have nothing better to do than to use their energy to distract public awareness away from the real significance of UFOs – many of which are real phenomenon that will very likely prove to be extraterrestrial in nature.

I want to remind all the DeBunkers in our world society that ET craft – real or imagined, also fall into the category of “LOGICAL EXPLANATIONS” and “NATURAL PHENOMENON” – maybe even more so than the mindless attempts of many who would have us all believe that every UFO report can ultimately be explained away as “non-extraterrestrial” in nature.

Many DeBunkers apparently do not have a need to consider or want to believe that a better future can be set in motion for us all when we finally get the”trigger” from extraterrestrials for massive changes in our thinking so that we finally accept our ET visitors as real and benevolent observers of the human race.

This will happen when the official word finally breaks in mainstream media that ET’s are here and they are here for our good as well as their own. The significance of this is that many of the various races of extraterrestrials are interested in our welfare simply because they are are similar to us and had to go through sets of testing and education similar to our present world paradigm inorder to evolve to a much higher state of existence….


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