What Is A Lightworker?

A lightworker is one who believes and understands

 the following Three Principles as the Foundation of All Existence –

Truth IS all that exists.

Light REVEALS all that exists.

Love is the PURPOSE for all that exists.

As a Lightworker, I am dedicated to helping others understand what a Lightworker is and how our world can be transformed through a vision for the future with a focus on understanding love energies.

The mission of a lightworker is to continuously seek out the beautiful things in life, the things that can lift us all up to new heights of consciousness and a means to help banish any fear and negativity in our existence.

If we can learn to truly cooperate and become as one in a common purpose, we can banish the energies that divide us as individuals, as communities, as a nation, as a planet, and as a Universe of many diverse forms of intelligent life.

My mission in life will be accomplished through my books and my music.

My books are dedicated to all the beautiful souls in the Universe who have a longing to know and apply the 3 principles of our existence, namely Truth, Light and Love.

Knowing these 3 basic principles of life and understanding their significance makes one a true Lightworker and one who is open to working with others to help make great things happen.


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