Full Employment Is Possible

It doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to create jobs and FULL EMPLOYMENT.    It just takes getting rid of the un-conscientious objectors.

The National Debt and Debt Ceilings are fabricated problems and false issues deliberately and despicably created by the NWO Controllers, including most of the GOP, the Tea Party and some Democrats who have kept insisting that our National Debt is THE Top Priority Problem while trying to cover up the Real Truth.

The Real Truth is that ALL people in an economy need a decent living wage through employment and that most of the money in the U.S. is hoarded by the wealthy and corporations through manipulation, thus producing Moneyclot in the U.S. Economy. This results in hardly enough money getting down to those who really need it to keep themselves and the Economy going!…Duh!…

MONEY HAS TO CIRCULATE IN THE ECONOMY TO BE OF ANY VALUE! Hoarded money beyond that needed for a comfortable lifestyle has no real value except to those who think so by wanting to control others with it.

Here is my proposal:

1. Declare a temporary increase in the “Debt Ceiling” and allocate a National Grant of $5,000,000,000,000 (That’s Five Trillion) TO GO DIRECTLY FOR CREATING JOBS, FUNDING EDUCATION AT ALL LEVELS, A SPECIAL ALLOCATION TO TRAIN FOR GREEN ENERGY JOBS and a TRANSFUSION OF MONEY TO FUND A BASIC FORM OF UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE AND OVERHAUL OF OUR PRESENT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM in the United States that goes far beyond so-called ObamaCare.

2. Declare that the funding of the $5,000,000,000,000 National Grant must go 100% for jobs that pay at least for the basics of life being: Food, Clothing, Shelter and Urgent Healthcare and all the related issues in this proposal.

3. For the unskilled, provide some of the money to train them for jobs suited to their abilities and interests and pay them a living wage while in training for more skilled jobs, but during the training, pay them the basics: Food, Clothing, Shelter and Urgent Healthcare.

4. Declare a permanent phasing down of ALL FUTURE DEVELOPMENT of fossil fuels (Big Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, etc.) (no more drilling or mining anywhere) and phase employment and provide some of the National Grant money to fund an ALL OUT EFFORT in Clean Energy Alternatives and Entrepreneural technologies including ZERO POINT ENERGY SYSTEMS that have already been demonstrated to work very well!

5. Declare a PERMANENT MORATORIUM on Home Foreclosures ACROSS THE BOARD (no exceptions for all responsible homeowners), allow those who are already foreclosed to go back to their homes under a negotiated agreement, and require that the homeowners who lost their jobs be given JOBS they can handle so they can start to pay off their mortgages by collaborating with their lenders.

6. Use some of the National Grant to fund a massive overhaul of the Health Care Industry including disallowing Big Pharma and Insurance Companies from accumulating any money beyond what is prudent for their operations, and set up the basics for an eventual transformation into TOTAL UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE for the United States.

7. Use some of the National Grant to employ and train a national emergency response organization like FEMA, but set up to respond to any and all weather disasters, fire or other national emergencies with rapid and intelligent capabilities to minimize disaster consequences and provide immediate compensation and adjustment for the basics of food, clothing, shelter and healthcare to those who lose their homes and their employment.

8. Declare an IMMEDIATE transformation to a FLAT INCOME TAX WITH NO LOOP HOLES of any sort to replace all other forms of taxation in the United States. With everyone paying their TRULY FAIR SHARE, there would be an immediate PAYBACK SYSTEM to continually, consistently and effectively reduce the National Debt and pay off the National Grant with a basically FULL EMPLOYMENT ECONOMY that would more than pay for itself in good time.

RESULT of this Proposal:

1, Basically Full Employment with “always enough or more adequate paying jobs than job seekers” throughout the U.S. (Just as it should always be).

2. Phasing out of Fossil Fuel usage into clean energy.

3. Gradual clean-up of environmental pollution.

4. Reduction in crime.

5. A significantly healthier society.

6. More leisure time for basically everyone in society.

7. Massive reduction or elimination of pollitical bickering.

8. Saving of money that now goes for unnecessary uses in a corrupt society.

9. A massive increase in free energy products that are also safer and ecologically friendly.

10. The basics of a “Self Construct Mechanism” that tends to make things “get better and better” over time instead of the present “Self Destruct Mechanism” that tends to make things “always get worse” over time.

11. Opportunities for every man, woman and child to more easily “Follow their Dream”.

12. The Basics of a New Society that can set the example for other nations to follow and eventually transform the entire planet for ushering in a Golden Age of Peace and Full Cooperation based upon the Foundations of Truth, Light and Love for all