In God We Trust?

Our paper currency has inscribed “In God We Trust”.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag emphasizes “One Nation Under God”, and

Congress just passed a Bill affirming that the United States is a nation founded upon the principle: In God We Trust…

What are we to think when we see LITTLE OR NO EVIDENCE that our government really believes IN GOD WE TRUST?

For Example:

The Administration cannot tax the wealthy because they fear that would upset the GOP, even though we know it is the right thing to do. (Why is the government held hostage by radical extremists)? Did God tell the Government to be afraid and kow-tow to extremists to get their votes)?

We fight wars based upon the fear that “We have to kill the terrorists “over there” before the terrorists “over there” kill us “over here”. (That’s trusting in God for an alternative to war)?

We began a war with pre-emptive strikes on Iraq because we were afraid they would start an unstoppable nuclear war.

Now we are considering pre-emptive strikes on Iran because we are afraid THEY will develop nuclear weapons to start an unstoppable nuclear war. (Is that what God wants us to do – start a war because we don’t think we can work out a win-win solution with Iran or anyone else considered a threat)?

Everytime there is a new threat from another country, we blindly forge ahead in knee-jerk reaction ready to pounce upon the threat without even considering the other side and the reason for the threat. Has our government ever considered LISTENING to the “enemy” to get their side of the story, and work out a win-win solution for all concerned? – I don’t think so! (Trusting in God for answers to a win-win solution)? I don’t think so!

What are we going to do when there are “too many threats from too many sources around the world for our resources to handle”? – Is our government going to turn to God for an answer? – I don’t think so!

We fear for our lives every time we board a plane, so the government created the TSA to keep the fear machine alive and well.

(Did God tell us that we are supposed to fear for our lives at every turn)?

We are afraid that an asteroid might hit Earth and wipe out huge portions of the population, so we consider the use of nuclear weapons to divert the path if necessary even though the nuclear fallout might do harm to extraterrestrials. (Is God who parted the Red Sea in ancient times INCAPABLE of steering the asteroid away even if we ask for help on such matters)?

The government outright lies to not only the U.S. citizens, but also to the entire world by claiming they have NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE OF BENEVOLENT EXTRATERRESTRIALS ENGAGING THE HUMAN RACE because they are afraid the citizens can’t handle the truth, and also that they (the government would lose their power and control over us if the truth were formally announced) inspite of the fact that it is WE THE PEOPLE who are supposed to be the government.

What about the hundreds of CROP CIRCLES? Is that not enough evidence right before our eyes, let alone the thousands of sightings by credible sources of ET spacecraft? – Or would the government try to claim that “the military does it all! – and for what purpose? And if that were so, where did the military get all the money to create secret projects that appear to be way beyond their ordinary capabilities? If they had those capabilities, why don’t they use them in the existing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc to easily win the wars?

The U.S. Government continues to deny that a secret military and secret government exists that is not held accountable by anyone and is free to operate with trillions of dollars of stolen money funneled to them by the wealthy.

The U.S. Government knows that a lot of money needs to flow into the economy to create jobs, but is afraid to act.

The U.S. Government knows that the “debt crisis” is a manufactured crisis and is not the real problem, but is afraid to tell the people the truth – Money and a whole lot of it needs to CIRCULATE IN THE ECONOMY to solve the problems we face.

So where in all this is there any evidence that the government truly believes “IN GOD WE TRUST”?

WE THE PEOPLE challenge the U.S. Government officials from top down to demonstrate why we have the motto engraved into our legacy in various forms, but show NO EVIDENCE that we (The U.S. Government) really believes IT and is willing to put IT to the test to banish all fear, all secrecy and all lies, and tell us (The Citizens of the U.S.A.) the Real Truth that is our right to know. If the U.S. Government really believes “IN GOD WE TRUST”, then they need to turn to GOD for answers to PROBLEMS THEY ARE NOT CAPABLE OF HANDLING BY SIMPLY REACTING TO ENDLESS THREATS OUT OF FEAR. This is in no way, shape or form of how a great nation and a great people can demonstrate their greatness and be an example to the rest of the world. Time for Change is NOW!

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