Occupy America


With all that has gone wrong in our Economy, EVERYONE NEEDS A DECENT PAYING JOB to help BRING THE ECONOMY BACK TO GOOD HEALTH so that THE OCCUPIERS OF AMERICA can go home and save the taxpayers money that wouldn’t have to be paid to the police to keep trying to shut them down for simply speaking the truth about their legitimate concerns.

What we DON’T NEED is the insanity of CONGRESS cutting social programs, money for education, money for clean energy, universal healthcare, etc.

What we DO NEED is for massive amounts of money to be immediately appropriated by CONGRESS, just like Bush and the GOP Congress did to fund the wars…AND DEMAND THAT CONGRESS not only appropriate the money needed, but have the wealthy Elite and Corporations pay their fair share of taxes to help pay for it all, with a FOOLPROOF GUARANTEE THAT ABSOLUTELY NO LOOPHOLES WILL BE ALLOWED FOR THE ELITE AND CORPORATIONS TO AVOID PAYMENTS!

If Congress under the Bush Administration could appropriate money that the nation didn’t have, and increase the National Debt to fund the wars and the Military, why can’t Congress appropriate money for a DIFFERENT PURPOSE, and this time fund all the broken SOCIAL PROGRAMS, EDUCATION, CLEAN ENERGY and UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE for all in the form of CIVIL SERVICE AND OTHER TYPES OF JOB CREATION, to bring the Unemployment Rate down to UNDER 2% and keep it UNDER 2% indefinitely…!

Don’t think it can be done?…Think AGAIN!

It does not matter how much DEBT we have at any given moment, as long as there is a means to keep paying it back (however long it takes). TOO RADICAL TO WORK? The GOP thinks so and brushes it aside with raucous laughter.

A higher perspective of the overall picture SAYS OTHERWISE.

With everyone gainfully employed in DECENT PAYING JOBS, there will be increased tax money available to start paying back the DEBT in the form of a Sensible Tax Overhaul (no matter how large the National Debt has to get to give everyone a decent paying job with reasonable benefits) to set in motion a sensible means to pay for it ALL with a FAIR TAX for all (no loop holes for the wealthy (no matter how great the Temporary DEBT has to be)

This will eventually lead to a SURPLUS in our Economy and a logical means to maintain it as long as we don’t fall into the fear trap of trying to kill all the terrorists “over there” before they kill us “over here”…aka STOP ALL WARS with Intelligent Alternatives to avoid confrontation and generate win-win solutions for a change.

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