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 The Process of Containment Explained

‘Containment’ refers to the surrounding of dark individuals with a kind of lightbox which suffuses them with love and causes their dark thoughts and plans to instantly rebound on them.

It can be used because we’re past the divine deadline (1) for allowing the large-scale dark initiatives to succeed. Smaller dark initiatives still fall under the Law of Freewill but the larger plots no longer do.

Examples of leaders who’ve been contained include Russian President Vladmir Putin, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, and Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon. (2) Archangel Michael first hinted at the existence of new initiatives on July 2, 2012 when he said on An Hour with an Angel that:

“It is far easier for us [celestials] to address this issue [of stopping the cabal than the galactics]. This is part of what we have spoken of, oh, in the past year, when you have asked what is the role of the Company of Heaven in the unfoldment of the Divine Plan.

“And I have said to you that there are ways and means, and actions, that will be felt, witnessed, upon the planet that are being taken. And they are numerous, far more numerous than you are even aware of, or even need to be.” (3)

When I inquired further, he began to describe the process of containment.

“We have a process that you do not understand, because you tend to think in terms of your reality on Earth, of course. But you can think of it as a process of containment and of restraint so that these beings are restrained and contained, and for all intents and purposes, for your purposes and references, they are taken out of action.

“Or the actions that they are permitted to participate in are mostly illusion, and they do not affect the collective. In fact, if anything, they simply bounce back at the individual.” (4)

The purpose of these containers, he said, is “that nothing that is less than love is allowed to penetrate.”

“We have never spoken to you, or we have not spoken in such a public forum, let us put it that way, of putting restraints or containers around those who do not wish to contribute to the growth and the evolution and the shift of Gaia and of the human race.” (5)

Up to this time we were expecting mass arrests but he said this would not be happening.

“If you are looking for storm troopers, dear one, if you are looking for the activation of forces, then you are looking in the wrong place, because what you have need to do and what I am asking you to do is to begin to look with your third and fourth eye, and to begin to witness and to observe how these beings are being restrained and contained. And how what you think of as their sphere of influence is simply disappearing. …

“So this I ask of you. Do not become entrenched in what you think is going to be a third-dimensional quasi-military maneuver to go to people’s homes and put people in jail or in contained environments. The containment is on a whole, completely different level.” (6)

He described containers in more detail:

“Think of a [storage] box that you see coming off the large ships, containers. Only these are containers of light, these are containers of pure energy, these are containers of love.

“And the individual – or the group, by the way, because there are several where we have simply put an entire group; it is easier that way, and more rapid, by the way – we are placing these beings in containers of light and love.

“Their energies that may be disruptive or based on the old paradigms of hatred or greed, control, cruelty, just plain nastiness, my brother – they’re placed in these containers and that energy has no way, because they are sealed, and they are sealed by the mighty ones – myself, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jophiel and Gabriel. They are sealed. And in that sealing, their negative actions, emotions, et cetera, cannot escape.” (7)

There they remain until they’ve altered their way of responding to the world.

“They remain there, continually and constantly penetrated by love and light. … This is something that is done only in very extreme cases. If you look closely at one of these who are contained, sometimes you will hear screams, cries for mercy, false promises of good behavior, but they remain there until such time as the purification is absolutely complete. And that decision of removal lies in the hands of the Mother and Father.” (8)

The method of containment has not been generally used since the Intergalactic Wars.

“This is a method of bringing peace that has not been utilized – well, it has been utilized by a few select people, human beings that we have given this to, but it has not been used as a strategy, let us put it that way, since the time of intergalactic wars.

“Even when we removed what you have thought of as the, hmm, negative forces of the ETs, those who were abductors and slave masters, even when they were removed to a different universe about a decade ago, we did not utilize this method. …

“It is an act of love. We only do this because we know these beings and these groups deserve, just like all deserve, to be fully embraced in love. And they have been so reticent to do so. We are not altering their free will. They can act out or not within these containers. But it will not go anywhere.” (9)

Containment was not only used to remove power from heads of state, he reminded us.

“You can look to the removal of effective power by many who have been in positions of leadership. And we don’t just mean the heads of state, we also mean those in positions of social leadership, financial leadership, because that is very connected to the equalization of resources.

“Similarly, those who have positions of power in the military, all militaries, who have been fully aware of your star brothers and sisters but who only wish to engage in warring scenarios – well, that is never going to happen. So they are also on our list of containment.

“So look to the changes that all of a sudden things get terribly quiet. That is your sign. Now, in that quietness, we are also joining with you.” (10)

In September of 2012 I asked AAM where the disruption was coming from if leaders were in containment and he explained:

“The disruption is twofold. One, it is those who have not [been put in containment] and we are talking rather low levels, actually. So do not look for massive conspiracies, although we do know that there are some, even as they [who] were not in containment, would love to take advantage of such chaos. But what it is doing is bringing to the forefront the collective choice to say, ‘No more.’” (11)

SaLuSa through Mike Quinsey had been predicting mass arrests and then said “there are delays as you see it.” (12) SaLuSa explained on March 1, 2013 that mass arrests were deemed likely to produce panic and so they were decided against in favor of containment.

“In the past there have been many references to arresting those who are the ringleaders of the dark Ones, and steadily they have been rounded up. You have also heard of ‘Containment’ and in this way we have been able to severely restrict their activities. Mass arrests were considered likely to evoke panic amongst you, as few would have had any knowledge of why it was happening.

“So we have opted for gradual changes and placed our representatives who are our allies, in positions that give more control to those of the Light.” (13)

SanJAsKa through Wes Annac also described containment on May 27, 2013:

“We speak of these souls [the Cabal] existing in a holographic reality wherein they think or assume they are pulling a massive, malevolent deed off, only to find that the events they planned so rigorously have not happened at all.

“This is one of the strongest aspects of the containment the cabal heads are experiencing at this time and along with this, they are fruitfully contacted in their dream state and are being worked with so that the malevolence that’s closed off their hearts for so long can no longer have the effects or cause the massive suffering and hardship it has.” (14)

So many of the leaders in society are or were in containment (not President Obama, who is not a dark figure) but some of the lower-level souls are still causing disturbances. And these disturbances are moving people to insist that war, violence, shootings, etc., end forever.

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