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    Matthew – November 20, 2012

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. You are physically and emotionally feeling the effects of energy surges more so than seeing their remarkable results.  We are feeling and seeing the grand forward thrusts the surges have given the planet and most of its residents: Gaia, Earth’s soul, is joyous about her planetary body’s nearness to the threshold of fourth density; hope for better times is being restored within those whose living circumstances are desperate; and newly awakened souls are sparkling all over Earth.

A world full of other marvelous happenings is on the way, but in the days at hand, the in-pouring of high vibrations also is having some unwelcome effects, like the roiling intensity at the negative end of duality’s spectrum. Perhaps at this moment it is most noticeable in the tense Israeli-Palestinian confrontation. We hasten to assure you that  the time for a full blown new war is past, today’s enemies will evolve into peaceful, cooperative relationships, and any country waging war against another will be unthinkable.

On a different front but also due to increasingly high vibrations, many are experiencing conditions such as weakness, disorientation,  forgetfulness, fatigue, sudden mood swings and other uncustomary sensations. In healthy bodies that have absorbed light, the anomalies are few and brief as these bodies’ crystalline cells adjust more easily to energy fluctuations than can the carbon-based cells of bodies with   less light.

Please do not use any of those symptoms as a barometer for assessing how much light is within you! Chronic maladies and forms of mental illness still affect bodies in Earth’s atmosphere, and souls who are radiant with light may continue to experience those discomforts until they’re well within fourth density’s strong healing vibrations.  

To lessen the severity and duration of the temporary anomalies, get sufficient sleep, avoid stressful encounters, drink a lot of water, have solitary serene time as often as possible and eat wisely. Vegetables and fruits are especially beneficial and less meat, sugar, starchy foods and fats in the diet also will help to lift energy levels, reduce fatigue and stabilize a positive outlook.

We strongly suggest that you not resort to antidepressants or other prescription drugs or the many that are lining store shelves. Particularly in the prevailing energies, the chemicals in drugs can suppress or destroy bodies’ own healing mechanisms. If you are          on a medically-prescribed regimen, consult with your healthcare giver about safely reducing dosage.     

Another effect of Earth’s proximity to fourth density is that linear time is passing more and more swiftly. If you are reaching day’s end feeling frustrated because there was no time to handle all responsibilities, set your priorities and please don’t fret about foregoing what would          not be fit in.

The prevailing vibratory levels contributed substantially to quite a different kind of matter, too. The Illuminati, who thought that not only could they cling to their remnants of control, but rebuild their former worldwide power base, now know that their situation is hopeless. They had pinned their hopes and put their money on Mr. Romney         winning the US presidency.

That country’s people and the rest of the world see President Obama’s re-election as the voters’ choice. It was that indeed, but his victory is more than the vote count—it is a manifestation of science, a reflection of the energetic flow of the universe. The president’s vision of a peaceful world restored to its former health and beauty and his goals to achieve this are aligned with Earth’s vibratory field. The goals of Mr. Romney are to keep the world’s resources and vast fortunes in the same few hands, and this is not in alignment with Earth’s vibratory field. 

Like all other sources of negativity, the low vibrations of greed and control are incompatible with the high vibrations of love that are flowing ever more abundantly throughout the world and bringing Earth back into a healthful state of balance. The energy within balance is love-light, and nothing with low vibrations can coexist with this most powerful of all energies in the universe.

The fact that the election outcome was in consonance with the universal flow, as the Golden Age master planners long ago knew it would be, did not diminish one iota the free will choices of the United States citizens. Each voted in accordance with his or her reaction to the energy emanating from the candidates.

Please understand that this is neither criticism nor judgment of the voters or the candidates—it is explaining the election result in the context of laws that govern life in  this universe. The same holds true for the congressional elections in that country and all elections in every other country where the citizenry have a choice of candidates for leadership roles.

The laws are affecting not only national governments and governing bodies from village level on up—wherever negativity still has a foothold, high vibrations  are causing shake-ups to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to say. This can be as close to home as family, neighbors and co-workers and as  seemingly remote as multinational corporations, the United  Nations, military forces, religions, education, law and justice systems, and information outlets around the globe.

High vibrations are overpowering the low  vibrations of everything that has adversely affected life in your world. This had to happen so Earth could regain her balance after almost dying from long ages of imbalance due to humankind’s brutality to each other, animals and the planet itself. The massive infusion of light from far distant sources seventy-some years ago enabled Earth to embark upon a journey back to life-sustaining balance—you know this journey as ascension.

This is an appropriate place to address an email that recently was sent to my mother: “I just found your site but I’ve known about Disclosure for quite a while. What are we  supposed to do until our ET family gets here, just continue to wait patiently and hope they really will come? Can they decide    not to? If so, would that mean that it is our responsibility to end all wars and other violence, repair the environment and  fix everything else that is wrong in the world? Doing that without any help from advanced civilizations seems like an impossibility.”

There is so much to say about this, it is hard to know where to begin. Perhaps it is best to start with the universal law that no civilization has the responsibility—much less the right—to go into another world and make changes as they see fit even when it would immensely benefit that world’s inhabitants. Civilizations with a core of darkness have violated this law and destroyed other peoples and their  homelands, but this never has happened to Earth and only lighted civilizations are anywhere near your solar system.   

So yes, it is the responsibility of a civilization to right its own wrongs, but there is a loophole there, you could say. Conditions in your world from severely damaged environment to the state of perpetual war        and unconscionably lopsided distribution of resources are products of your civilization’s successive generations’ bellicosity, brutality, greed, corruption, deception, negligence and abuse. Righting all of those wrongs is indeed a formidable undertaking, and to any third density civilization, it surely would seem an impossible task.

No doubt that is why God authorizes assistance to civilizations that request it. Gaia asked for help so her planetary body could survive, and the response was what we mentioned above, the infusion of lifesaving light from many civilizations. But it is not only by Gaia’s request that assistance is being lovingly given. The  desire in your collective consciousness to live in a world at peace and in harmony with Nature is your request for help to accomplish this.

From the first moment of intensive light-beaming, many years ago, civilizations that the majority on Earth don’t know even exist have been helping Earth and you in numerous vital ways. Thus clearly their assistance is not dependent upon “Disclosure,” your governments’ public acknowledgement of extraterrestrial presence.

In accordance with universal laws and as part of the Golden Age master plan—prior to birth, everyone in your world knew the plan’s details and clamored to participate—all of our universal family who have been helping you are way-showers, not over-takers.

Many thousands are living right there with you, working alongside you. They have adapted an appearance that looks no different from you, and their superior intelligence and highly developed skills have given them entry into fields where darkness held sway.

Some work quietly researching and documenting the truth that the darkness has kept hidden from you, and others—you call them whistleblowers—tell the truth to the world.

Others are initiating or influencing reforms in such diverse areas as governing, economic and legal systems, energy, transportation, healthcare, sports, education, mining, logging, agriculture, computer technology, species preservation, the media, scientific research and   metallurgy. A few are in the entertainment field, and even though you regard them as such, their feats that amaze you stir thoughts about what underlies their extraordinary abilities. They exemplify what you, too, can do when you expand spiritual and conscious awareness.

Many brothers and sisters came from other worlds to befriend, enlighten, guide and inspire the individuals who share with them the same ancestry civilizations. The protection of invisibility by “cloaking” or an impenetrable shield of Christed light is given to people whose lives are at risk at the hands of Illuminati henchmen.

None of the highly publicized “feared” pandemics                   occurred because family members working in your laboratories                   neutralized the toxins in vaccines that were designed to cause                   illness and death.

The damage that has been done to Earth is much                   too severe for you to manage yourselves. Even when                   technologies long-controlled by the Illuminati are released,                   they are not sufficient to speedily handle the extensive                   restorative aid the planet requires, and technologies in                   nearby spacecrafts, some of which is mind-powered, do have                   that capability.

While passengers and crews have been waiting to                   land and work with you on site, all along they have been                   helping from the skies. Foremost is preventing more than a                   dozen attempts by the Illuminati to use nuclear warheads in                   terrorist acts that would have caused more deaths and                   destruction than “9/11.”

Radioactive releases from Japan’s damaged nuclear                   facility would have killed or sickened millions if the crews                   had not dramatically reduced the lethal                   levels.

No marine life within miles of the oil rigs in                   the Gulf of Mexico would have survived if the crews had not                   kept clearing away the gushing oil’s toxic components.                  

They also have been reducing the toxicity in                   weaponry, industrial waste, stored nuclear waste, chemtrails,                   and other pollutants in inland and ocean waters.                  

Crews far and near disintegrate or deflect the                   course of celestial bodies and manmade debris in space that                   could cause serious damage if they hit the planet.

By laying an electromagnetic grid above Earth,                   they reduce the effects of earthquakes insofar as death toll                   and destruction, yet permit the same amount of negativity                   release.

They steer severe storms away from land unless                   the target areas need the cleansing and purifying that water                   imparts.

And those vast, powerful, far distant                   civilizations will continue to direct intensive light to Earth                   until she is securely within fourth density.

Can you imagine the state of your world and all                   who live there if none of those measures had been undertaken                   by countless numbers within our universal community?

This brings us to a point we wish to emphasize                   about “just continue to                   wait patiently” for Disclosure. Beloved souls, you are not just waiting!                   Innately you know that the responsibility for cleaning up the                   mess is yours because it is your homeland, and in                   one way or another, all of you have contributed to its                   condition. That’s why many millions of you have been serving                   for years to bring about benevolent changes that are                   generating light and uplifting your world.

Let us give you some examples. Local and international                   rallies and meditation services for peace. Participation in a variety                   of environmental conservation measures. Monetary support to                   organizations that are providing life essentials to refugees                   and others in impoverished circumstances. Community and individual                   efforts to assist those who are most needy. Demands for justice and                   humane treatment where those are being denied. Efforts to                   preserve and uplift the lives of domestic and wild animals.                   Ingenuity, perseverance and cooperation to overcome financial                   adversity and other hardships.

And please do not overlook the power of your                   prayers! Prayer is not                   reciting familiar words in church or personal messages to God,                   by whatever name you call the Supreme Being of this                   universe. Prayer is the                   energy sent forth by your every thought,                   feeling and deed, and you have been sending out “peace,                   prosperity, health and harmony” energy in great abundance!                  

We want to mention other factors that also                   pertain to “waiting                   patiently.” In previous messages we have explained what                   has prevented mass landings for the past decade or so, and it                   is most unfortunate that much confusion and disappointment has                   arisen due to blatantly false information given to some                   channels by dark entities that claimed to be well known                   respected sources. The                   dark ones do this specifically to cause negative reactions                   because they feed on the energy of negativity and to survive,                   they must keep creating it.

It didn’t help that the very few actual plans for                   a small number of ETs to make a public appearance had to be                   postponed—we assure you that the fleet commanders’ decisions                   were wisely made for your safety and theirs.                  

Because of that and the many instances of                   deliberate falsehoods about extraterrestrials’ arrival and                   intentions as well as claims of imminent planetary disasters,                   Hatonn has asked us to expound on his statement in a previous                   message: “If our making                   an appearance becomes pivotal to Obama keeping his position,                   we’ll do that in sufficient time before the election. If we see that his                   reelection is certain, we’ll show up soon afterwards.”

“We” refers to members of the off-planet                   contingent that has been negotiating with some of your                   government leaders and others in the vanguard of paving the                   way for the Golden Age. This visiting group would be                   introduced prior to the arrival of our family who will bring                   technologies and remain as long as you want and need them to                   work with you.

The decision about timing of that momentous day                   is the province of the highest universal council, and it acts                   upon God’s mandate. Only at that ultimate peak of                   awareness can soul contracts of everyone involved, individual                   and global karmic completion, and your population’s reactions                   be known.

There is still another aspect to the “waiting                   game,” if you will.                   Animals whose soul contracts provide sufficient longevity have                   a free ride into fourth density with the planet, but humankind                   does not—you have to earn your ticket, so to say. Whether your                   contract choice is to live in Earth’s Golden Age or to enjoy                   its full panorama from Nirvana, it is prudent to use this time                   to prepare spiritually. Live from your heart—love is the key!                  

Only in the United States is one day each year                   designated Thanksgiving Day.Should not every                   day be a time of thanks-giving throughout your                   world?

Thanks to our universal family who are in your                   midst or in your skies, and all who are beaming intense light                   from afar to you and your world.

Thanks to Gaia for crying out for help so her                   body and all of its resident life forms could survive.

Thanks to God for His unconditional love and for                   never judging what you do or don’t do.                  

And thanks to each other for providing the                   opportunities for experiences that you needed for spiritual                   and conscious growth.

Always and in all ways, the respect and love of                   lighted souls throughout this universe are with you, our dear                   Earth family.



Suzanne Ward


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    Matthew – July 4, 2012

Arrests imminent; world leaders and ETs negotiating, attendees include Illuminati; areas of progress; Obama; everything based in darkness to cease by year end; interim reform initiation; changes after planet enters fourth density; reason for delay of ET landings; responsibilities to self

1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  It is our joy to tell you that a great deal of major importance is underway. Although some information that could be published very likely won’t be—namely, that a sizeable number of high ranking Illuminati are in line for arrest—most high level accomplishments are known primarily to the participating parties.

2. In various parts of the world, negotiations are ongoing between representatives of civilizations that are assisting Earth and some of the principals in your governments, banking, manufacturing, military, agriculture, mining, medicine, education, religions, transportation, entertainment—actually, every field that affects life in your world. Considering that spectrum and the level of attendees, you won’t be surprised to know that some within the Illuminati ranks are among them.

3. The “outer space” representatives enter these meetings looking no different from you, then shift into their natural bodies for a while before returning to their first appearance. As you can imagine, this shifting—actually, the very presence of these individuals from other worlds!—has had profound effects on your negotiators. However, the extraterrestrials’ only purpose is to produce profound results—wise decisions by your people—and those are coming about.

4. The visiting contingent has made persuasive presentations that opened your negotiators’ eyes to the folly of proceeding in their respective directions of competition, conflict, corruption, conquest and deception.  Some Illuminati in attendance are eagerly jumping on the band wagon; others are less enthusiastic, but since it is abundantly clear that their day is over, they are joining their counterparts who very willingly abandoned ship, so to say.

5. Knowledgeable discourse and reasonable discussions that lead to expanded awareness and cooperation always are far preferable to more forceful measures.  Furthermore, the only means whereby light warriors do battle is with light itself. Enlightenment facilitates smooth transitioning from old systems to new, and that is important indeed; but the greater significance is that it is your leaders in all those areas, not individuals from other civilizations, who are setting the new course for your world.

6. Considerable progress has been made in the two areas with the most immediate impact—governing bodies and the global economy.  From factual reports in your mainstream media, this doesn’t appear to be so, especially regarding the economy.  There is much talk and little action in the United States and the countries that you call the Eurozone, all of whose massive debts are increasing by the day.

7. What this portends for the world, according to your analysts, is ominous. Because they have no idea that today’s situation is the essential prelude to instituting honest and equitable systems, their conclusions are based on history and academic views about how to handle multinational economic matters. Like everything else being forecast on those bases, the economic analyses don’t apply in this era that is unprecedented in the universe.

8. Much publicity also is given to the many unknowns in various governments. The direction of Egypt’s new leader and how the half of the country that didn’t vote for him will react.  Where Iran’s nuclear development will lead. How animosity of longstanding between the Israelis and Palestinians will be resolved.  What is going on in Pakistan. How other nations may respond to Syria’s civil war. How menacing North Korea may become. What plans do Russia’s and China’s leaders have. What to do about the impoverished countries in Africa and Latin America.

9. Because a particular issue is in the forefront of so many minds around the world, we shall speak of it. President Obama will be reelected, and this is no more a matter of politics now than it ever was. Often we have told you that the Golden Age master planners requested this soul from a highly evolved civilization to come to the planet specifically to fill one of the most strategic positions during this phase of Earths’ ascension out of third density and entry into fourth. And all of you agreed with this when you enthusiastically chose your own roles in this lifetime.

10. We also have spoken about the formidable opposition to Obama’s endeavors to bring about greatly-needed reforms in his country and to achieve peace in the world.  What we didn’t disclose before is that light warriors came from his homeland to protect him and his family from the band of dark reptilians, also from another planet, that the Illuminati hired to kill the Obamas.  This shows the extent of the dark ones’ fear that this president would end their long reign, and they are right. Very soon they will have no more means to buy assassins, members of Congress or multitudes of lobbyists—then all will see the light in Obama and herald his wise leadership and actions toward world unity.

11. Those and other national and international situations of interest or concern can most aptly be described as moving at varying paces toward “the light at the end of the tunnel.” Because the energy momentum of world transformation cannot be slowed or detoured, stability will emerge out of all current turmoil. Ideologies and philosophies that have perpetuated fear and divisiveness are on the wane, and those cornerstones of duality will cease altogether when the planet enters the lower planes of fourth density, around the end of this year.

12. By then, everything that emits low vibrations will cease.  This includes rulers of tyrannical regimes or cultures that deny women God-given and civil rights; Satanists; the controllers of your advanced technologies who have used them for destructive purposes; principals in the Vatican; individuals who still are censoring information or ordering the production of films that glorify war or portray aliens as monstrous invaders.

13. How can almost inconceivably monumental changes in conditions and behavior come about by the end of your year? Only light-filled persons will be living on Earth then.

14. In the meantime, there will be confusion and commotion. Many apple carts are going to be upset as changes initiated. There will be negotiations to end combat and the leave-taking of troops, the return of refugees to their homes.  Laws, policies, regulations and practices that are unjust or injurious will be overturned, including unfair taxation rates. Redistribution of the wealth in your world will ease, then end the unconscionable disparity between the few and the masses.

15. Other major changes will come incrementally after the planet enters fourth density. Members of your universal family will be assisting you in efforts that require technologies, such as elimination of all sources of pollution in your air, waters, and soil and other environmental restoration processes as well as new forms of power and transportation.

16. Your leaders, all of whom will have spiritual and moral integrity, will continue to add or amplify reform measures, and Earth will continue her return to her original paradise self and a moderate climate globally.

17. All of those differences from life as you’ve known it are dramatic indeed, but it is your expanding consciousness and spiritual clarity that will bring about the most stunning personal changes as you ascend with Earth through fourth density and into fifth.  Along the way you will obtain perfect health and re-grow missing limbs and organs.  Not only will you overcome the effects common to aging, but those in advanced years gradually will become younger.  You will communicate telepathically with souls elsewhere in the universe, travel astrally, and visit beloved people in Nirvana. Through visualization, you will learn to manifest whatever you want.

18. In short, you will be using the innate powers you always have had as your birthright, and you will take your rightful place within our universal family of multidimensional, eternal souls.

19. Now then, during the short time before Earth exits third density, the remaining dark ones will make last gasp efforts to cling to their remnants of influence and vast fortunes.  Blatant lying by recalcitrant politicians will go on for a short while and so will people’s polarized views about what best serves their personal interests. Earth still must release some negativity through geophysical events.  Those situations, however, have been “just life” for so long that most people are inured to acceptance.

20. What will cause considerable unrest are the shocking truths that will be coming forth, and there will be alarm about the high number of deaths as many souls leave the planet for one reason or another.

21. That combination is more than enough for the populace to handle emotionally and mentally without adding to the mix strange beings emerging from spacecrafts. It is for that reason that the universal high council decided to delay landings and the extraterrestrials living among you will delay revealing their true identity. The advantages of this postponement far outweigh the fear that is foreseen by a premature introduction of “aliens.”

22. The council, who are among the most highly evolved souls in this universe, reasonably had expected that sufficient changes would have taken place by now so that members of our universal family would be welcomed by Earth’s peoples. But the stronghold of the darkness has lasted much longer than logically anticipated.

23. The souls who had agreed to accept deeply dark roles that would offer many millions the chance to complete third density karma, then they would join the light forces, were highly evolved souls themselves.  When they entered the agreement, it was with the certainty that their spiritual fortitude would resist the lure of holding to dark ways. Instead, they became enchanted with controlling the masses and amassing grand wealth, spiraled into the depths of darkness and knowingly refused to honor their agreement.

24. Their powerful global network has kept the great majority of your population in duality and the mentality that keeps minds closed.  By no means are these people “bad”—they just are stuck in third density’s limitations. Their bedrock beliefs that have been formed by the various methods of mind control include the orientation that if any other civilization really does exist and ever came to Earth, it would be to annihilate the planet’s population.

25. Even some messages that are telepathically channeled, or claim to be, state that a civilization pretending to be benevolent actually intends to conquer and enslave you. Other messages purport that ETs will evacuate you prior to the cataclysmic cleansing that will devastate the planet, and still others report that degree of devastation but without your rescue. All those kinds of claims are designed to create fear and all are pure nonsense.

26. That is why we often have urged you to be discerning about information from all sources.  Ask within and trust your intuition to tell you what is true and what is not.  Developing discernment and learning to trust the messages from your soul to your consciousness not only will eliminate unnecessary feelings of fear, they are upward steps in soul evolvement.

27. The council knows the collective consciousness of Earth’s residents, thus they know that the arrival of extraterrestrials at this point would panic most people.  Not only would that create more negativity for Earth to get rid of, it would strengthen the dark ones—they thrive on fear energy.

28. At this juncture, it is deemed judicious for you and for your brothers and sisters from outer space to meet closer to the end of the year, when they can join you in full recognition and overtly assist you without any lamentable repercussions.  However, that timing is not set in stone—it could be earlier. There is continuous monitoring of Earth happenings and how effectively the light intensity is raising the collective consciousness, and as soon the possibility of widespread fear no longer exists, our space family will join you.

29. During the interim they will continue using technology aboard their crafts to reduce the toxic effects of chemtrails and other pollutants. They will continue to level out the effects of earthquakes and soften the power of major storms without decreasing the amount of negativity released. They will keep on causing weaponry to malfunction, blocking the most potent aspects of the Illuminati’s weather control technology, and destroying their operations in mammoth underground facilities. Also with divine permission to assist you, they can relocate specified individuals who refuse to step down from the helm of various activities that are against the good of Earth humankind.

30. Knowing about these major leaps forward and other marvelous life-changing developments to come, you can feel joyous, excited, confident and soundly prepared to surmount whatever challenges you may encounter during the next few months.  And those months will seem to fly by—your sensation of time passing faster and faster will keep increasing as the planet continues ascending.

31. If you are experiencing anomalies that you know are not symptoms of disease, very likely they are the effects of adjusting to the increasingly high energy planes Earth is passing through as well as your cells transitioning from carbon to crystalline. Soon those anomalies will fade away.

32. You are your first responsibility. This is not selfishness or egotism, nor is it lack of love and caring for others. It is that only you can make decisions that are in line with your instincts and intuition, your soul’s guidance to your consciousness that nudges you into avenues that in your soul contract you chose to experience during this lifetime. This may include changes in relationships, employment, location, group affiliation or other interests and activities.

33. On a different level, it may be divesting yourself of trivial interests and meaningless pursuits and detaching from the need to garner material possessions. Earth’s Golden Age doesn’t include interests, habits, attitudes or behavior that are superficial or in any way hurtful to self or others, such as jealousy, envy, self-centeredness, spitefulness, bitterness, resentfulness, mean spiritedness, gossiping. If you recognize any of those in yourself, there is time to change. Focusing on your life in the wondrous Age that you are rapidly approaching will enable you to embrace others and life itself with love.

34. The goal of every soul is to evolve spiritually and intellectually. Pre-birth agreements, which are designed for soul growth of all individuals who want to share the lifetime, are made in unconditional love. When you are experiencing the karmic lessons you chose, you sense that life is flowing smoothly. If heavy restlessness and longing for different circumstances arises, it signifies that the agreed upon experiencing has been completed and it’s time to move on to other contract selections. In the vibrations of the lighter energy planes Earth has reached, both contentment and dissatisfaction are magnified—let the sensations you feel guide your decisions and actions.

35. In the case of extremely difficult situations, the consciousness doesn’t understand that the circumstances are for learning and growing, but the soul knows it is attaining the balance it needs to evolve. When an individual seriously deviates from contract provisions—say, by excessive control or cruelty beyond what the recipient chose—the suffering soul grows by leaps and bounds and the perpetrating individual devolves.  Always, divine grace comforts and uplifts those who are wrongfully treated—that is, in harsh ways they didn’t choose in soul contracts—and “offenders” incur karma that is equally difficult to endure.

36. Along this line of “offenders,” it won’t be much longer until you know who has been arrested for crimes against humanity and other deeds that have adversely affected life on Earth. These individuals veered far afield from their soul contracts. Some will be convicted and others will die before coming to trial, but none will escape self-judgment.  By the physics that governs life in this universe, throughout the life review process in Nirvana, they will feel exactly the same pain and anguish as did all those whose lives their diabolical deeds affected.  This excruciating self-punishment process is beyond your capacity to imagine, and so is those individuals’ devolved capacity in their next incarnation.

37. Knowing what lies ahead for them and understanding that they are the weakest links in the eternal chain that is our soul family will let you more easily feel forgiveness.  The high vibrations of forgiveness, like all other godly expressions, are soul growth in action.

38. Lighted souls throughout this universe are beaming love and cheering as you joyously travel this home stretch to Earth’s Golden Age.



Suzanne Ward


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