Progressive Party Alliance

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The Progressive Party Alliance

1. The Democratic Party needs to OFFICIALLY CHANGE their NAME to

2. We need to keep decisions based upon personal religious convictions free from forced compliance on others who do not share these views…(Example: Anti-Choice about Abortion is not an acceptable precept)… in a civilized society. Any other decision or law is OK as long as enforcement does not infringe upon the rights of others)…

3. Every office holder from President on down to the lesser known local office holders such as local government committee members needs to EMBRACE an ALL-ENCOMPASSING Party Platform that every single MEMBER of the Alliance (no matter what level of government) can believe in and call it the Progressive Party Alliance CONSTITUTION.

4. This would consist of all the precepts and principles (Top to Bottom) that Progressives stand for…and continually want (AND NEED) to bring into law….They need to present the PPA CONSTITUTION as the ONLY Political Advertisement ever needed in Political Campaigns…

(Got that?…The ONLY POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT ever needed leading up to every election…would be this prioritized itemized issue by issue CONSTITUTION of the PROGRESSIVE PARTY ALLIANCE.

5. Once voters see that all former democrats and progressives are now united in one common platform and purpose, values and goals for governing,… there would be no need to spend tons of money on negative ads trying to bring down and fight the Big Money Boys in the GOP and the Illuminati.

6. Let the Tea Party and the Christian Political Extremists destroy themselves with negative advertising)…So instead of fighting Big Money with more money (like fighting fire with fire, Do not rely on the eternal frantic clamor for financial support that cannot match the Big Money Corporate and Wealthy Elite, TELL THE SIMPLE TRUTHS to the voters and stick to the SIMPLE TRUTHS in all campaigning. How much money does it take to simply tell the voters the Simple Truths on what we are trying to accomplish…and not worry about the trash efforts of the Big Money Boys…

The Progressive Party Alliance CONSTITUTION ~

1. Eliminate the Gap between the excessively wealthy and the rest of society in financial net worth.

2. Create an abundance of beneficial and satisfying employment opportunities with sensible company benefits for every citizen willing and able to work…no matter what their position and status is in society – ()No exceptions).

3. Provide the Public Option for Universal Healthcare for all of our citizens – no exceptions and no limitations based upon Insurance Company and Big Pharma money decisions regarding suppression of benefits.

4. Eliminate support for the fossil fuel industries (Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Natural Gas etc. plus the Nuclear Energy Industries… and divert all financial support to the various Renewable Clean Energy Technologies (solar, wind, Zero Point Energy industries, etc.) for unrestrained entrepreneurial development and distribution of products to the public at large, replacing ALL fossil fuel dependencies…

5. Provide unlimited funding for education at all levels K-12, colleges and beyond, and revamp education priorities to be more logical, rational and sensible within each level.

6. Eliminate the wage gap based upon gender, age, race and ethnic backgrounds so that all citizens have an equal opportunity for sharing the common good in a trusting, mutually cooperative effort to provide for the common good.

7. We need to DEMAND (in no uncertain terms) an ECONOMY that consistently creates good-paying jobs for all those in the middle and lower class willing and able to work.

8. We need to put into law (Constitutional Amendment) that says all election campaign expenses MUST BE EQUAL for EACH PARTY vying for election at all levels.

9. We need to DEMAND that ADEQUATE MONEY be CONSISTENTLY allocated at all levels for  excellence in EDUCATION for all children and adults, from preschool all the way up through college.

10. We need to DEMAND that our ECONOMY be based upon RENEWABLE CLEAN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES with absolute zero dependence on BIG OIL, BIG COAL, BIG NATURAL GAS and BIG NUCLEAR to protect our economy and our environment from that PORTION of climate change that is the result of human causes.

11. We need to DEMAND equal rights such as pay equity, and adequate minimum wage levels, with full equality for LGBT Americans, and protect Social Security and Medicare from the criminal efforts to shred or abolish adequate income needed for all of our seniors.

12. (More Coming Later)…



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  1. Jane Zeok says:

    Excellent ideas.

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